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Year Round Brews – These delicious brews are available at the brewery on a regular basis.

Seasonal Brews – These brews are produced for a limited time each year to compliment the seasons.

Special Brews – This is a category of special edition brews – collaborations and ‘one time’ beers for special events.  Get them while they last!

Hop Scale – this is our effort to explain the hoppiness of our various beers. International Bittering Units (IBU) are the official measure of bitterness in beer. However, looking at IBUs in isolation does not tell the whole story in terms of perceived bitterness. Two beers with exactly the same IBUs can have very different levels of perceived hoppiness. Maltier beers can carry more hops as they have more body and residual sugar to offset the hop bitterness. You can see why we thought a Hop Scale might simplify things.

Our Hop Scale has 5 increments:
   – Low to no perceivable hop bitterness

   – Mild perceivable hops balanced by malt
   – Moderate hop bittering, flavour and/or aroma
   – Prominent hop bittering, flavour and aroma
   – Hop Bomb – hops is the dominant flavour and aroma

Brewed Year Round

These delicious brews are available at the brewery on a regular basis.

Abbey Ale Craft Beer

Abbey Ale

ABV 6.5%  HOP SCALE    IBU 16

While HHB is not resident in a Belgian Abbey, we are located at Abbey Gardens, a unique organization that supports local food and sustainable energy entrepreneurs and encourages visitors to think more sustainably about land, food, energy and economy.  This Belgian-style blonde ale has spicy and citrus notes that complement the medium-dry lightly caramelized malt profile.

Blueline Blonde Ale

ABV 5%  HOP SCALE         IBU  22

An uncomplicated, refreshing blonde ale with a clean malt profile and just a touch of hops. BlueLine Blonde pairs best with afternoons on the dock, evenings around the fire or a rousing game of pond hockey.  Life should be as straightforward and uncomplicated as this refreshing brew!

Skipping Stone Kölsch

ABV 5%  HOP SCALE         IBU  22

Clean and fresh, Skipping Stone Kolsch is our take on this classic German style.  Subtle floral hops notes compliment the clean crisp malt profile.

Honey Brown Craft Beer

Honey Brown

ABV 5%  HOP SCALE       IBU  25

This award-winning malty brown ale combines locally produced honey and oats with classic European hop varietals.  The result is a delicately balanced brown ale with just a hint of honey essence. HHB is proud to partner with local growers and producers!

Pale Ale

ABV 5%  HOP SCALE      IBU  34

Old world malt meets new world hops.  HHB Pale Ale is a sessionable, British style pale ale with citrusy North American hops and is a perfect partner for grilled meats and smoked cheeses!

India Pale Ale Craft Beer

India Pale Ale

ABV 6.6%  HOP SCALE       IBU  54

Before filtration and pasteurization British brewers needed a method to preserve their beer for the long voyage to India.  More hops balanced by a strong malt backbone are the hallmarks of this classic style.  HHB IPA features Columbus, Cascade and Centennial hops creating a distinct citrus aroma and finish.

Irish Red Ale Craft Beer

Irish Red Ale

ABV 6.5%  HOP SCALE        IBU  30

Craving something with more body and complexity without an overwhelming hit of hops bitterness?  This classic red ale brewed with European malts and UK hops is the ticket.  The initial soft caramel sweetness is followed by a slightly roasted finish. Pairs well with roasted pork and chicken, roasted veggies and good cheddars.  Sláinte mhaith!

Coffee Porter Craft Beer

Coffee Porter

ABV 5.3%  HOP SCALE         IBU  30

This Coffee Porter is a dark malty treat featuring caramel, chocolate and black malts complimented by English style hops.  HHB Coffee Porter is infused with a local cold brew roasted on-site at Abbey Gardens by our friends at County Coffee.


These brews are produced for a limited time each year to compliment the seasons.

Mosquito Saison Craft Beer

Summer Wheat

ABV 5%  HOP SCALE      IBU 22

It’s summertime and the cottage living is easy!  This approachable American style wheat ale has a light citrusy tartness and a touch of spice.  It is the perfect beer to compliment a lazy afternoon pondering dragonflies or being dazzled by the sunlight sparkling on the lake.

Mosquito Saison Craft Beer

Mosquito Saison

ABV 5.5%  HOP SCALE      IBU 26

A light bodied, yet complex farmhouse ale featuring Ontario grown flaked rye creating lightly spiced and peppery notes.  Celebrate your return to the cottage with this special spring seasonal available for a limited time each year.  Not guaranteed to repel mosquitos, but may make you more tolerant of their presence!

Irish Dry Stout Craft Beer

Irish Dry Stout

ABV 4.5%  HOP SCALE     IBU 

This traditional, medium bodied Irish stout delivers a moderate roasted flavour with a distinctive toasty finish.  Raise a glass to St Patrick – a far more fitting toast than any lime hued brew.

Oatmeal Stout Craft Beer

Oatmeal Stout

ABV 5.5%  HOP SCALE         IBU  29

HHB Oatmeal Stout is a creamy, flavourful take on a traditional English Stout featuring Ontario grown Oats.  Pairs well with braised beef and roasted vegetables, cross country skiing and snow angels.

Robust Porter Craft Beer

Robust Porter

ABV 5.8%  HOP SCALE         IBU  30

This delicious Robust Porter features traditional UK malts together with caramel, chocolate and black malts complimented by English style hops.  The result is a medium bodied porter with notes of chocolate and coffee.  Pairs well with BBQ ribs and pulled pork.  Also an excellent base for beer floats – our favourites are made with Kawartha Dairy’s Death by Chocolate or Pralines & Cream.

Abbey Ale Craft Beer

Belgian Rye Porter

ABV 5.5%  HOP SCALE         IBU  30

This unique porter is brewed with malted and roasted rye grain and fermented with Belgian yeast.  The result is a subtle yet complex porter with notes of dried fruit and black pepper.

Scotch Ale Craft Beer

Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

ABV 6.8%  HOP SCALE         IBU  20

A deeply malty, mildly sweet brew with notes of caramelized sugar and dried fruits.  This delicious cold weather beer is the perfect compliment to an autumn walk through the forest or an evening in front of a warm fire.  Wee Heavy pairs well with caramel pecan cheesecake and aged gouda.

Event Horizon Barley Wine

Event Horizon Barley Wine

ABV 10.5%  HOP SCALE         IBU  43

Strong, intense and complex, this dark barley wine is brewed with Horizon hops and is named for the perceivable perimeter of a black hole.  Proceed with caution or you may experience your Event Horizon in more ways than one!

Special Release

One-off Brews

This is a category of special edition brews – collaborations and ‘one time’ beers for special events. Get them while they last!

Clever Rhus Craft Beer

Clever Rhus

Working the glass forge is thirsty business and a quantity of high quality and interesting brews are required to slake the thirst of talented glass blowers. This collaboration brew is flavoured with sumac (rhus typhina), a tangy addition to our refreshing blonde ale.

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